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and the compromise of Gira (50,000) and Promazaonía (100,000) we will plant more tan 150,000 trees on our planet.

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We seek to awaken environmental awareness and engage thousands of hearts in a single cause: The planting of 150,000 trees, wonderful beings that provide innumerable benefits and guarantee our survival on our planet

We will tell you why…

  • Trees are fundamental actors in the fight against global warming, as they absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a gas with greenhouse effect.
  • They release Oxygen to the atmosphere, which is fundamental for our respiration.
  • They contribute to the protection of water resources.
  • They help retain and stabilize the soil thanks to their root system.
  • Trees provide food and shelter for hundreds of animals and insects.
  • They help keep cities cool.
  • They clean the air eliminating polluting gases.


46 % of the planet's trees have been cut down since the origin of agriculture.


Siembra un árbol

For this and more, trees are our greatest allies. The least we can do is guarantee their life, since our existence largely depends on their existence.

We must take actions NOW!

It is estimated that approximately 46 % of the planet`s trees have been cut down since the origin of agriculture. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) the net deforestation for the period 2010-2020 was 4.7 million hectares / year worldwide. According to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Water and Environment (MAAE), the gross annual deforestation for the period 2016-2018 was: 82,529 ha / years; this is 2.2 times greater than the city of Quito.

Trees are our greatest allies. The least we can do is guarantee their life and protection

For this reason, within the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda, it is stated the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems, specially forests. The conservation of the terrestrial ecosystems would be aimed through, restoration, reforestation and protection (FAO, 2020). The goal to achieve is very clear: increase the forest area by 3 % worldwide by 2030

The goal to achieve by 2030 is very clear: increase the forest are by 3 % worldwide

You might be wondering; How are we going to do it? Where? What trees are we going to plant?

First, all of this is possible thanks to our alliance with Gira and PROAmazonia, how have joined forces to make the plating of 150,000 trees possible

With PROAmazonia we are going to plant 100,00 trees between April and July. This will happen thanks to our strategic partners:

  • Altrópico: will plant in the parishes of Canelos in Pastaza, Cotundo San Pablo de Ushpayacu, Archidona; Misahualli and Ahuano in Napo; Tarqui and Madre Tierra in Pastaza.
  • GAD Cascales: will plant in the district of Cascales in Sucumbíos.
  • Hivos: with whom we will plant in the parishes of Dayuma in Orellana and Limoncocha in Sucumbíos.

The trees that will be planted correspond to native species such as: cedar, balsa, chonta, morete, gadua, batea, soursop, garlic, ungurahua, mahogany among other native species.

Now that you know all the details, we invite you to be part of this beautiful work. If you already joined:

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