Roberto Manrique

Is an Ecuadorian actor with an international trajectory, who developed his television skills in the Telemundo network, performing in productions such as: Victoria, Doña Bárbara, Marido en Alquiler, La Vuida Negra 2; starring in El Clon, Victorinos, Flor Salvaje and recently in the successful Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso. His immersion into cinema as an actor and producer in the movie Translucido led him to the 2018 Goya Awards as Ecuador`s pre-selected in the Best Foreign Film category. His theater experience includes titles such as: Arte, La Gata sobre el tejado caliente, Peter Pan, Herejía, Mitad y Mitad, Los hombres no mienten and currently in Puras cosas Maravillosas.

Roberto won the Latin Ace Award in NY nominated by the Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáctulo for his work in Mitad y Mitad in the Best Guest Actor category. He recently won the TvyNovelas award in the Favorite Supporting Actor category in Colombia for his work in the famous sitcom Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso.

Recognized for the humanitarian work his foundation Desafió Ecuador has carry out in both education and socio-environmental issues. Desafío Ecuador came to life after the 7.8 Mw earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16th, 2016. Thanks to the foundation, the Matal School was built, which educates more than 530 children, teens and adults. Roberto has been characterized by using his platforms and social networks to broadcast messages that seek the contribution and inspiration of social changes and of personal growth

chile JuntosXLatierraa
chile JuntosXLatierraa


An example of this is #JuntosXLaTierra, Roberto`s environmental campaign that started in November 2019. His journey started in Ecuador, situated in the middle of the world and embarked all the way to Santiago de Chile. During his trip, Roberto was alone and penniless for over a month. To endure his trip without money, he exchanged the promise of planting trees with a place to sleep, food and transportation. His initiative is now part of several environmental actions that seek to educate and raise awareness about climate change, the importance of taking good care of our planet and inspire others to leave a positive footprint and impact on our planet.

The team that makes it possible


Majored in Audiovisual Media from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Arantxa currently works as a content producer and specializes in social responsibility content. Her professional career began in 2016 in Spain, producing institutional short films and videos for different associations. Since 2018, Arantxa has worked for Ponchosauer (in Argentina), producing documentaries for the DIRECTV media, and content for ESCUELA + media, among others. In 2021, she will be on charge of the production of documentaries and fiction films, endorsed by INCAA.

Arantxa Aguirrebengoa

Executive Producer
Buenos Aires, Argentina

María Miño

Cultural Manager, Majored in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, with a minor in Organizational Communication. Teté has 14 years of experience managing public relations, institutional image and managing the internal and external communication of social organizations, public and private companies. Committed to be part of the generation of change, Teté forms part of the JuntosXLaTierra team.

María Alexandra Miño "Teté"

General Coordinator
Quito, Ecuador

José Martino

Expert in institutional communication, sustainable development and International Relations. Master in Tourism from the SEK University (Segovia, Spain), and a Major in Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (Spain), and from the Università di Roma Tre (Italy). José is currently the coordinator of the communication area of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) of Ecuador, European Movement, the NGO “Kultura, Communication and Development”, of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE) and collaborator of various civil society organizations.

José Martino

PNUD Adviser
Santander, España

Fredy Barreiro

Guayaquileño, infographic artist with 8 years of experience in animation. Currently studding a Master in Motion Graphics at the LABASAD Barcelona School. Freddy audiovisual projects have placed him in the sight of well-known brands.

Freddy Barreiro

Graphic Artist, Digital Motion
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Jainurus Márquez

Audiovisual and events producer, with studies in sociology and digital marketing. Jainuris has 8 years of experience working with community and social organizations linked to sustainability, cultural work with young members of communities, and is recently working on welfare issues.

Jainuris Márquez

Production Assistant
Caracas, Venezuela

Marisol Reyes

Environmental Engineer with a formation in Digital Marketing. Marisol helps bring socioenvironmental projects to the digital world, making them grow and impact more people.

Marisol Reyes

Digital Content Manager
Bogotá, Colombia

Paulina Mejía

Major in Corporate Communication with a Master in Advertising Graphic Communication, and a minor in Digital Strategic Planning. Paulina has worked in the strategic areas of brands such as: KIA, Alpina, BGR, PwC, Hyundai, Beiersdorf, Upfield, among others.

Paulina Alejandra Mejía B.

Director of Strategic Planification & New Business
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Maria Vela

Majored in Corporate Communication with a formation in marketing, communication and strategic planning; especially with mass consumer brands. Passionate about communication, reading and research.

María José Vela

Strategic Planning & New Business Executive
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Cristima Ledesma

Corporate Communicator with a specialization in Digital Communication. Cristina has more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing, working mainly on B2B environments and business consulting. Passionate about digital media.

Cristina Ledesma Peña

Community Manager
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Estefania Enriquez

Publicist graduated from the University of the Americas (Ecuador), with 4 years of experience as a Digital Media Planner with brands from different industries such as: automotive, hotel, consumer brands and construction. Estefania has an extensive knowledge of digital tools which enables her to carry out different strategies, implementation and optimization of campaigns.

Estefanía Enríquez

Digital Media Planner
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Andrea Villarreal

Senior User Experience Designer with more than 7 years of experience. Passionate about creating solutions that balance user needs with business objectives. Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills and a deep understanding of; Web / APP technologies, Information Architecture, Flowcharts, Usability Testing, User Research, Heuristic principles and evaluations, Wireframes and Prototyping.

Alicia Andrea Villarreal V.

Director Of User Experience
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Ivonne Torres

Systems Engineer with a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Management; Masters in: Business Administration with an specialization on Marketing and Business Intelligence, and a Diploma in Project Management. Ivonne has more than 18 years of experience in various industries, 11 of the last years focused on the Management and Effective Administration of Projects, through proper planning and adequate communication management.

Ivonne Marlene Torres M.

Project Manager
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Tanya Paredes

Publicists with more than 5 years of experience in research; expert in the development and understating of the consumer profile, market analysis, analysis of advertisement investment and benchmarking reports.

Tanya Carolina Paredes A.

Research & Intelligence
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Fernando Moyota

Passionate about Technology with 15 years of experience in web and mobile software development. Specialist in software development, web and mobile applications. iOS Developer, Android Developer. Consultant of e-commerce platforms and online payment methods.

Fernando Moyota

Senior Developer
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Jorge Rodríguez

Major in Computing Engineer from the UTPL (Quito). More than 10 years of experience in the development, design and actualization of personal and corporate websites. Jorge also has experience in the administration and development of databases.

Jorge Fernando Rodríguez J.

Developer engineer
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Marco Reyes

Graduated from the Institute of Visual Arts of Quito (IAVQ). Certified in Graphic Design and Multimedia with 9 years of experience working in agencies such as Zonacuario Communication with Social Responsibility, WUNDERMAN which oversaw the digital aspects of Rivas Y Herrera, Share Digital Agency, FIRE and Ariadna.

Marco Antonio Reyes Rosero

Senior Graphic Designer
Ariadna Communications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Klever Mendoza

Creative director, amateur writer, lover of paper and a storyteller. Creative Leader, in charge of generating value experiences for companies, brands and people.

Klever Mendoza

Creative Director
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Gabriela Cisneros

Graphic designer, visual communicator and value generator for companies, brands, products and people.

Gabriela Cisneros Mier

Creative Designer
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador

Andrés Aguilar

Production manager and executive producer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Andrés has worked with brands such as Coca Cola, Movistar, Red Bull, Amazing Race, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, KFC and award winning productions including Effie and Fepi.

Andrés Aguilar

Production Director
Ariadna Comunications Group
Quito, Ecuador


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